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My Day on a Plate: Emma Fielding

The Telegraph - 8th April 2012

The actress Emma Fielding reveals her daily diet while on tour with The King's Speech.

10am An unusual lie-in; mornings on tour with The King's Speech are far less busy than at home. I always have a proper breakfast on a performance day: brown toast with scrambled eggs and Earl Grey tea.

11am Go for a walk – it's a lovely day – stopping for tea in town.

1pm Goat's-cheese salad with lots of grains. I like to have a light but decent lunch then a pre-show snack. I don't want to be on stage feeling as though I've got concrete in my stomach.

5.30pm Arrive at the theatre early to warm up. I stretch and hum, making sure my voice is loud enough to carry to the furthest seats, before having my wig fitted for my role as Queen Elizabeth.

6.30pm Tea and a flapjack to keep me going.

7.30pm Show starts. Sip on lemon and ginger tea backstage, with a normal tea in the interval.

10pm Glass of wine and crisps while chatting to the rest of the cast, then brown toast and peppermint tea back at the flat.

'The King's Speech' is at Wyndham's Theatre, London WC2 (0844 482 5120)

NIGEL DENBY dietician

Emma's energy intake is pretty low at about 1,400 calories. She's choosing sensible foods, but could do with a little bit more. A banana with her evening toast and a slightly more substantial lunch would do the trick. This would give additional nutrients and just enough calories to fuel her performance, but not so many that she'd gain weight.

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